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Good morning Fred, tell me how you came to play for Earlsmead and when this was?
I met Ron when I was 14 years of age at a training session which was run by Dickie Moss, my Tottenham Schools Manager, andwas playing at Loftus Road, Queen's Park Rangers ground, in a cup game under floodlights, and Dickie said come along to the session at Crowland School to get used to the lights and that was where I met Ron and the start of my Earlsmead career in 1959.

In those days, I was a goalkeeper and went on to play for West Ham, Fulham and Arsenal youth sides between the ages of 15-17 years. I played my first game for Earlsmead FC when I was about 16 years of age. Luckily they played on Sundays so it did not interfere with my Saturday football.

Winning the Championship in 1964 must have been a memorable experience, what can you remember of that period and the players in the team?
The 1964 championship football team was the best Earlsmead team I played with. We were strong in every position, but I was now playing in mid-field which was the position I preferred to goalkeeping.

Most of the team played in senior Saturday football [semi professional] - names which come to mind -- Les Plumb - strong, going forward, robust player; Brian Williams, and Jim Nottage - two tricky wingers. Brian Wheeler, Andy McDermott, Tony Falco and Tony Nottage - all goalscorers. Dave Crook was the engine in mid-field. At the back Roy Fry and Roger Bennett - always steady and composed. In goal Frank Negus - never spectacular, but always reliable. Last but not least, Phil Roche, an Irishman with great ball skills and always liked to mix it. I don't know where Ron got this team from, but I doubt whether Alex Ferguson would have done better!

You would have played with a lot of people for Earlsmead over the years who sticks out in your mind and why?
In the early 60's,I played with legends such as Roy Fry, Johnny Greaves, Jeff Trundle, Tony Teevan, Roy Whitehead, the Walby brothers, Johnny Goss, Bill Saltmarsh and Phil Garrod. They nicknamed me "little Freddie".

You returned to play for Earlsmead in the late 1970’s and featured in the 1980 Senior Cup Final against Crown Utd how did this compare to the 1960’s
Following a spell with Solent FC, I returned to Earlsmead when relegation doomed, even though we reached the cup final the same year.

You played in every position for Earlsmead and were well know for your versatility, what position did you prefer most?
Mid-field dynamo

Tell us what you are up to these days and if you are involved in sport in any way.
Following two hip replacements, my only exercise is walkingthe dog and on my next birthday, June 2008, I will be 65 years old. I will always be indebted to Ron for the time I played for Earlsmead. Through the highs and the lows, Ron never lost heart and was always enthusiastic and a manager to be respected.
During the summer I caught up with some legends of Earlsmead Football club and interview each one for their own personal experiences of playing for Earlsmead. We start with Freddie Cavener who joined us in 1959.
Fred Cavener
back row, goalkeeper.
Richard Blanchflower - back row, third from the right

Roy with League Championship Trophy 1950

Terry Mellis, Castledean FC,
1953/54 front row, holding ball.